Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Paper Plate Ocean Animals
Create 14 gorgeous paper plate ocean animals with this ebook. Each animal also contains a page of instructions and interesting true facts about the creature #oceananimals #seacreatures #paperplates

Paper Plate Ocean Animals

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This Ocean Animal Ebook includes 14 printable templates which transform ordinary paper plates into marine animals. Also included are photographs of each finished craft, step-by-step written instructions and some fascinating facts about each creature. 

This is more than an Ebook, it's a collection that has been designed to help kids gain an appreciation of our marine life by learning about 14 different creatures and completing a craft activity which can be hung proudly on the wall.

Age range: This Ebook is intended for 6-10 year olds, but younger kids may also be capable of making the crafts with the help of a parent or teacher. You are never too old or young to learn about ocean animals!

How to: The ocean animal templates are designed to be cut from construction paper by stapling the print out directly over the top of a sheet of coloured paper and cutting out the shapes (heavy stock is best but ordinary paper will also work).

Change it to suit yourself: If you don't like the idea of stapling the templates to heavy construction paper you could print the templates directly onto coloured paper, or use paints or felt tip pens to colour your white printed template. The animal shapes are then glued onto 7" (18cm) paper plates which have been painted to match the colour of construction paper used. Googly eyes are glued on to complete the animal.

An optional extra idea is to create an ocean collage background to place your sea animals against. This would make an eye-catching display on a large bulletin board, or alternatively kids could make their own ocean collage on a large piece of paper for a single marine animal.

When you download this resource you will receive a zip file containing both a USA and an AUS-UK version. The differences are in the page size (US Letter vs A4), spelling and units of measurement.

This is a Printable PDF file which you download to your own computer and print directly to your own printer. There is no physical book.

Animals included in this resource are:

• Dolphin (template based on bottlenose dolphin)
• Jellyfish
• Stingray (template based on round stingray)
• Narwhal
• Fur Seal
• Swordfish
• Killer Whale
• Spotted Eagle Ray
• Crab
• Seahorse
• Humpback Whale
• Great White Shark
• Sea Turtle
• Blue Whale

Additional supplies you will need:

• Paper plates - 18cm / 7"
• Construction paper in assorted colours (or print on white and colour your own)
• Googly eyes
• School/PVA glue
• Paints
• Paintbrushes, stapler, scissors